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Аукцион WITH John Medeski

15.06.2017 @ 19:00/23:00

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7pm doors | 8pm show | 18+

Аукцион WITH John Medeski

For the first time since 2010, John Medeski joins Auktyon on stage in a rare pairing for only one concert in the US. The versatile keyboard virtuoso Medeski contributed to couple of studio recordings featuring Auktyon musicians in the past, but the live show is what truly allows this collaboration to stun the audience with the raw energy of improvisation and unique sound. Don’tmiss this rare opportunity to catch the unique and diverse, always recognizable and constantly changing heroes of Russian art-jazz-rock, variously influenced by folk, avant garde and Russian high poetry, as they reunite with their long-time friend and musical soul-mate John Medeski.

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