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Lady GAGA in Concert — Aug. 8-9

08.08.2017 @ 19:30/09.08.2017 @ 19:30

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Daisy Duke-loving Lady Gaga is set to go on tour and is to produce a follow-up to her No. 1 album “Joanne,” her second album inside a year.
It hardly seems a moment ago that “Artpop” bombed and she was doing impersonations of Judy Garland and singing duets with Tony Bennett.
Now, she’s at the white-hot center of the pop cultural moment again — with her Super Bowl halftime show and her starring in a Tiffany commercial, the jeweler’s first for the Big Game.
Questions are swirling, however. Will she duet with Beyoncé for a rendition of their song “Telephone”?
— NY Post

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08.08.2017 @ 19:30
09.08.2017 @ 19:30
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